Project Helix

What is Helix?


Project Helix started out as a passion project of mine in January 2016. Now it has become so much more. Helix is a set of programs and classes written in python with the goal of automating the process of gathering data from the web. The data gathered by Helix can then be used to do several things such as: make a knowledge database, create a chatbot, train a machine learning algorithm, and so much more. I initially created Helix for the sole purpose of acting as a way for Skylar to gather knowledge independently and continuously update its ability to process natural language by monitoring the web.


What can it do?

As I mentioned above, Helix is primarily used to gather data for processing in other programs. Helix is only meant to serve as a backend for bigger projects that need large amounts of data. Helix can run continuously to gather real-time data or run in batches to collect data as needed.